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[8] Gavin Andresen. Increase maximum block size (bip 101). bitcoin/.

BIP100-blocksizechangeproposal.pdf. [33] Omer Horvitz and Virgil D.

BIP 102: Increase block size limit to 2MB on Nov 11, 2015. by jgarzik · Pull Request #6451 · bitcoin/bitcoin.

BIP 102: Increase block size limit.

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Why BIP100 bears the potential of even more controversy in the debates, should it get implemented updated 6 Sept. 2015 to reflect latest changes in BIP100 Now Jeff Garzik has clarified that indeed BIP100 chooses the 20% quantile of the votes and has also updated the criterion for decrease, where 80% quantile is used .

GitHub Pull Request in 100 Seconds - Git a FREE sticker 🔥A vote is represented as a megabyte value using the BIP100 pattern /BIP100/B[0-9]+/ Example: /BIP100/B8/ is a vote for a 8000000-byte hardLimit. If the block height is encoded at the start of the coinbase scriptSig, as per BIP34, it is ignored. Only the first BIP100 pattern match is processed in "Maximum block size recalculation" below.

[This is a transcript of Craig Wright’s presentation at the Future of Bitcoin conference on 30 June 2017. This transcription should not be seen as an endorsement of Mr. Wright, a person who previously fraudulently claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin, among many other fraudulent claims.

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BIP 102 a été présenté comme Tirez Demande, que vous pouvez voir ici: https:// Le dernier projet de BIP 100 que j'ai pu.


Society, 2014. [36] Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 50. bips/.

A closer look at bip100: The block size proposal bitcoin miners are.

Mike Hearn rightly predicted that the maintainers of the Bitcoin Core github repo.

There was also BIP-100, which actually had more than 50% mining support at .