Friendly Replace Reddit?

Doing some form of academic activity online has been a learning experience for many of us on the IIT-Bombay faculty. We have.

How to Create Subverse at - The Reddit AlternativeIt’s a small thing that only people building and upgrading their own PCs will appreciate but to the delight of AMD.

The tweet from CrossFit founder Greg Glassman, which appeared to make light of both the death of George Floyd and the novel.

19 Jun 2013.

Well today I broke my banning cherry when I was banned from reddit.

Reddit is not known to be a friendly place, mods don't like to be challenged. Reddit.

They need to be replaced with people who actually like Hawaii and aren't just.

come see us over at we're not as conde nasty over there.

Many CrossFit gym owners said on social media that, as one facility put it, the tweet was “just the last straw” for them,

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4 May 2011.

If you've ever visited Reddit, then you'll already know it is one of those sites that pull you right in and gets you.

Is Voat the new Reddit?

21 Apr 2018.

An anonymous reader quotes former Reddit product head Dan McComas: I.

Any attempt to "cure" it will kill the company, as it is killing Facebook and Twitter.

I looked at voat and while entertaining it was full of the opposite, right leaning.

value of critique which inspires thought — and over time, change.

6 Oct 2015.

Now he's back, to try to pull Reddit back from the brink.

Huffman had co- founded the popular news-ranking site with Alexis.

A petition for her to resign quickly gained more than.

A racist-friendly forum that describes itself as focused on discussing.

“Voat is just a copy of Reddit,” he says.